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Covid-19 Update

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Redwood City-6:00 pm

Information Sources

​Federal COVID-19 Task Force, Governor Newsom, Health Officer of San Mateo County. San Mateo County BHRS, San Mateo County Office of Education, US State Department, CDC, Cal-OES, California State Parks, City of Redwood City & NAMI

Latest Numbers

309 Confirmed Cases in San Mateo County

10 Deaths

890 Confirmed Cases in Santa Clara

30 Deaths

397 Confirmed Cases in San Francisco

6 Deaths

San Mateo County COVID-19 Call Center: Call 211

The San Mateo Call Center answers non-emergency COVID-19 related calls 24/7 in 180 different languages. To reach the call center dial 211.

Here’s What’s New

Chief of San Mateo County Health Louise Rogers states testing is still evolving. The number of cases in San Mateo County is expected to increase dramatically, with an anticipated “Peak” in approximately 3 weeks, that will continue through mid-May.

San Mateo County Extends “Shelter at Home” Order Until May 3, 2020

“Shelter At Home” Frequently Asked Questions

US State Dept & Embassies-Returning Home From Traveling Aboard

US State Dept has announced that ALL American’s wishing to return home from abroad, should do so immediately. For assistance getting back home Contact STEP at: or 888-407-4747 For up to date State Dept Travel Advisories go to:

Mission Asset Fund- Direct Grants & Zero Interest Loans-#NoOneLeftOut

The Mission Asset Fund is offering direct grants up to $500 and zero interest loans to working families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mission Asset is a local Non-Profit Organization working to worked to ensure no one is left behind. Their Mission is to create a fair financial marketplace for working families, who may not have access to traditional sources of credit/loans, for a variety of reasons. To submit an application or make a donation, please go to: Call 888-274-4808 or Download the “MY MAF “ App on your mobile device

Let’s “Get Loud For Our Heroes” - Each evening at 7pm

Let's make some noise Redwood City for our Health Care Workers, First Responders, Grocery Store Clerks, Restaurant Workers, and ALL of OUR essential workers. The "Get loud for our heroes" Movement began last night at 7 pm and will continue at the same time every night. Residents are encouraged to step outside of their homes or look outside their windows for two minutes each evening and make noise by cheering, clapping, or banging on pots to show support and gratitude for our Heroes working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lunches For Seniors-Redwood City Veterans Memorial Senior Center

The Veterans Memorial Senior Center is providing lunch to Seniors weekdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please Call (650) 780-7259 to make your reservation and/or hear the daily menu options. Lunches can be picked up, curbside 1455 Madison Ave or delivered throughout Redwood City. Please Call (650) 780-7270 for more information.

Stanford-Free Meal Map


San Mateo County “Zonehaven”-

San Mateo County “Zonehaven” is a Public Safety Zone Portal used to provide Regional & Local COVID-19 information and resources throughout the County. To identify your Public Safety Zone, go online to: and input your address. From there, you can access regional and local information and key resources available to you.

San Mateo County Temporary Moratorium on Evictions

A temporary moratorium has been placed on all COVID-19 related residential evictions for the non-payment of rent, in all 20 cities and unincorporated areas, in San Mateo County. The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to prohibit landlords from evicting tenants who are unable to pay rent due to the impacts of the COVID-19, through at least May 31, 2020. Tenants will have up to 180 days after the regulation’s end to pay delayed rents. The eviction moratorium is unique, in that board actions are generally restricted to unincorporated lands governed by the county. Paramount to the decision was to prevent exacerbating our homeless epidemic, and the threat to public health evictions would impose while under a statewide “Shelter at Home” order. San Francisco has passed a similar moratorium. The San Mateo City Council passed a moratorium prohibiting evictions on small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Bay Area School Closures Extended Through May 1, 2020

San Mateo County Closes All Parks Effective 3/27

State of California Dept. of Public Health Updates

RWC Park & Rec. Launches “Keep Busy Redwood City” Website

Nation's 4 Largest BanksSuspend Mortgage Payments

Governor Newsom states Wells Fargo, US Bank, Citi and JP Morgan Chase have agreed to waive mortgage payments for 90 days, for borrowers affected by the coronavirus. Bank of America has agreed to a 30-day suspension. For more information contact your mortgage lender.

Stimulus Payment Calculator

Stimulus Payments will be issued via direct deposit into the bank account on file with the IRS. If you don't have an account on file, checks will be mailed to the address on your 2018/2019 Federal Tax Return. The link below can help you calculate the amount of your Stimulus Payment.

Virtual Daily Mass with Fr. Ulysses Redwood City OLMC Catholic Church

Our Lady Of Mt Carmel Fr. Ulysses is offering virtual daily Mass at noon. This is an excellent opportunity for Catholic's to celebrate daily Mass together and create a moment of sacred grace. Especially with our shelter-in-place order, during the season of Lent. To participate in the Daily ZOOM “Mass” go to:

The Meeting ID: 964 030 730

The Password is: 426313

List of Redwood City Restaurants Open For Take Out/Delivery or Both

Redwood City School District: Free Brown Bag Lunch

Brown bag lunches are available weekday mornings at Ford, Garfield, and Hoover sites from 10 to12 noon for all children under 18. Meals are distributed via a Drive-thru process at the main entrances of each site. For more info go to:

Redwood City Boys & Girls Club-Providing FREE Evening Meals

The Redwood City Boy & Girls Club will serve anyone who arrives for a “pick up & go” meal. For more information go to:

Assistance for Unsheltered & Unhoused Residents

To date, the City of Redwood City has delivered 20 hand-washing stations to assist residents who are homeless or living in vehicles this week. San Mateo County has moved 87 unhoused residents from the Maple Street Shelter to local hotels in order to comply with the 6 ft. social distancing mandate. The Governor has allocated 150 million dollars to assist cities and counties in providing care and services to unsheltered residents. The SMC Sheriff’s Correctional Center has partnered with LifeMoves to provide Food Service for our unhoused residents. With the help of voluntary inmate workers and the food services team, 420 daily meals will be provided, 7 days a week, until a long-term solution can be implemented.

State Park & Beach Parking Lot Closures: Effective March 23, 2020

State Parks has taken additional safety measures to reduce crowds & help prevent the spread of COVID-19. A list of the closures can be found at and

California Department of Motor Vehicles: DMV

DMV Field offices are now closed. All appointments have been cancelled and no appointments are currently available. DMV services remain available online and at kiosks. Law enforcement agencies throughout the State are relaxing enforcement on of expired: vehicle registration and driver’s licenses for 60 days. For more information go to:

Here’s What We've Covered To Date

California “Statewide Stay At Home” Order

Updated comprehensive information available at:

Blood Banks-Inventories Are Running Dangerously Low!

Red Cross & Stanford Blood Banks need our help! Blood Banks are EXEMPT from the statewide “Stay At Home Order”. Donating blood is an ESSENTIAL to saving lives. For more info about donating blood and/or to make an appointment please go to: Red Cross or

Verily COVID-19-Risk Screening & Testing

In collaboration with the California Governor's office, federal, state and local public health authorities, Verily is currently providing FREE risk screening and COVID-19 testing to people in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Riverside Counties. To complete the online risk screening go to:

Understanding COVID-19 From A Medical Perspective

Delayed Reporting of COVID-19 Cases

Please note the official numbers being reported on COVID-19 cases can have a lag of several days. Please try not to be too alarmed as new numbers begin to be reported. The numbers are expected to increase exponentially. Testing has been limited and is still evolving. As more and more labs come online and testing kits become available, the turnaround time for results will be reduced.

Area Hospitals

Medical Emergencies: Cal 911


Sequoia Hospital:


*VA San Francisco:

*All patients and visitors to the San Francisco VA Medical Center must check in at Building 200 to complete a health questionnaire before entering. Click here for the questionnaire.

Veterans Crisis Line:

VA Palo Alto:

Exercise-Staying Healthy While Staying at Home

List of 25 Gyms & Studios currently offering free online workouts/classes

Redwood City Library: Redwood Libraries Are Closed

Redwood City Library: Downloadable e-books magazines newspapers & more

Public Transportation

Public Transportation is still in service. Please check with each agency for current service restrictions/changes.


Sam Trans: Caltrain will operate on a reduced peak-hour schedule CalTrain:

SamTrans: Implements New Boarding Practices

SamTrans has begun rear-door boarding on buses with multiple doors in its fixed route service. ADA passengers and riders needing assistance will still be able to board through the front doors. Fare payment on these routes will not be required until further notice. Riders must practice social distancing from fellow passengers. For more information go to:

San Mateo County Strong- Covid-19 Relief Fund

SMC Strong is providing financial assistance and resources to families, individuals, small business, independent contractors and local non-profits impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need help or want to donate to help others, please call 211 or visit . We are in this together and together, we are #SMCStrong.

What is an Essential Employee?

  • Health Care Providers,Pharmacy Employees, Blood Banks

  • Public Safety: Police ,Fire,Paramedics, CHP, Prison Guards, Media

  • Infrastructure: Airports, Public Transportation, Truck Drivers, Cal-Trans, Cal-Train

  • Utilities (PG&E, water, sewer, gas, sanitation, internet/cable) Public Works

  • Bank, Grocery & Hardware Store Employees

  • Restaurant Employees: Take Out or Delivery Only

  • Volunteering: Donating Blood, Providing Essential Goods & Services to others

FEMA Recommends Shopping For Essential Goods One Day Per Week

If possible, essential trips should be made by ONE family member.

Essential trips should not be a family/group outing. Please use caution when using gas pumps, ATM & point of sale machines, etc. Do not touch your face, practice social distancing and wash hands immediately upon your return home.

Outdoor Activities

Outside of essential employment and obtaining essential goods/services for yourself and others (grocery, medical, vet, pharmacy, laundry, bank), outdoor activities like walking your dog, running, riding your bike, in your own neighborhood are allowed. However, You must stay at least 6 feet away from anyone who does not live in your household, at all times.

Redwood City Parks & Playgrounds

CLOSED All playgrounds, dog parks, pocket parks, Red Morton Skatepark, tennis courts, and all fenced-in recreational amenities, water fountains and park restrooms. Pickup group sports games are not allowed on sports fields or any open areas. Sports requiring people to share a ball/equipment must be limited to people living in the same household. Use of playground equipment at City Parks & Schools are prohibited.

OPEN City park pathways and open spaces will remain at this time.

Stulsaft Park is open for dog walking & hiking. Entrances on Silver Hill, Farm Hill, and Foothill are open. The lower Goodwin gate is closed. Park visitors are required to follow Social Distancing. Police can issue citations to anyone in violation of Statewide Orders.

US State Dept & Embassies-Returning Home From Traveling Aboard

The US State Dept announced ALL American’s wishing to return home, should do so immediately. For assistance contact STEP at: or 888-407-4747


SFO San Francisco International Airport:

SFO Updates

SJC Mineta International Airport


Oakland International Airport

Updates: info

Sonoma County Airport Charles Shultz

Free Access to Online News Stories & Magazine Articles

The San Mateo Daily Journal: FREE Access

The Palo Alto Daily: Free Access

San Jose Mercury News: Portions of site are FREE

The New York Times is offering FREE COVID-19 news stories

Stanford Daily Stanford Daily: Portions of site FREE

National Geographic: Portion of Article FREE articles at:

Track Bay Area COVID-19 cases at

SF Chronicle:

Dept. of Education Suspends Standardized Testing-Delays Student Loans

The Department of Education has announced that federally required standardized testing requirements for Elementary-High School students will be waived for the 2019-2020 school year. Additionally, college students with federally funded student loans will be allowed to suspend student loan payments for 60 days. Borrowers must call their lender to op-in to this program. Stay tuned: this date is expected to be extended. For more information please go to:

Stay Informed: Congressional Representative Updates

Sign-up to receive updates, newsletters and to participate in Telephone Town Halls.

Rep.. Anna Eshoo

Rep. Jackie Speier

You can sign-up for more then one!

Census Forms - Our community is “counting” on us!

The 2020 Census has begun to arrive! It is essential for every person in Redwood City to be counted. You may have seen the commercial the Redwood City Fire Department currently running on MSNBC. Completing the 2020 Census is one of the most important things you can do to help our community provide the essential services we all depend on. For more information go to:

COVID-19 Financial Resources-Volunteer & Donor Programs

Do you rent? Do you need Rental Assistance?

In response to the tremendous impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, rental assistance has been made available for the months of March & April by the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County. To apply for assistance call and leave a message at (650) 517-8939.

State Unemployment & Disability Benefits

State Unemployment and/or Disability benefits are roughly 67% of an employees wages. The 7 day waiting period and a few additional requirements are being waived during this pandemic. Applications are being accepted online ONLY. For more information on Unemployment and/or Disability benefits please go to:

Late Fees Interest & Payment Waivers

The list of service providers who are waving late fees and suspending service interruptions, continues to grow. Banks and credit cards are also working with customers to reduce interest, suspend late fees and offering temporary alternative payment options. Customers impacted by COVID-19 are encouraged to contact their service provider, bank, and/or credit card to inquire about available options.

Some of these companies are


Comcast (Current Customers now have Unlimited Data. New customers 60 days free Internet)






American Express (interest & late fees)



Bank of America

Wells Fargo


US Bank

Small Business Resources

Forbes Released a List of 19 Programs To Help Small Businesses

SAMCEDA: Resources For Local Small Businesses

SAMCEDA Small Business COVID-19 Impacts Survey

State & Federal Help for Small Businesses

Local small businesses will be hit particularly hard during this pandemic. Residents are encouraged to support local restaurants offering take-out service. Take out service is considered safe, when all safety protocols are being followed. Small Business Loans will be offered for up to 2 million dollars at an interest rate of 3.75% with 30 year terms The interest rate non-profits is 2.75%. For more information please go to: Additionally, information on the State of California’s “Cal-Cap Program” for small business owners can be found at

State & Federal Income Tax Deadlines Extended until July 15, 2020

The California Franchise Tax Board has extended the due dates for the filing and payment of State income Taxes. The due date for tax payers filing an extension is now Oct 15, 2020 . For more information on State Income taxes go to:

The US Treasury has extended the filing and payment date for Federal Income Tax. The news deadline is July 15, 2020. For more information go to:

Income Tax Refunds-Federal & State

Income Tax payers who anticipate receiving an Income Tax Refund are encouraged to file their returns ASAP. Tax Refunds will continue to be processed as usual. You don’t have to leave your house to file your taxes! The IRS offers free filing online at: Additional Tax Preparation Software programs are available at Amazon H&R Block, Turbo Tax and can be immediately downloaded.

Property Taxes: 2nd Installments Due By Friday, April 10, 2020.

The following locations are closed for IN PERSON property tax payments until further notice: Redwood City, South San Francisco & Half Moon Bay.

The County encourages taxpayers to pay their property taxes by:

  • Pay online at:

  • Mail Using Envelope Enclosed with Property Tax Bill

  • Automated phone system at (866) 220-0308

  • Drop box located at 555 County Center in Redwood City.

This deadline is not expected to be extended. Tax Collector, Sandie Arnott explained “If a large portion of taxpayers don’t pay on April 10, there will be very immediate and serious impacts to school obligations and other local financial obligations that are funded through the payment of property taxes.”

“Covid Assist” Peninsula Covenant Church & VOCA Partner To Assist

Vulnerable residents unable to leave their homes to purchase essential items such as food, medicine, etc. “Covid Assist” is a partnership between VOCA and Peninsula Covenant Church. If you or someone you know could benefit from this service or would like to volunteer, please go to:

Things To: Do Learn & Explore While Sheltering At Home

California Academy Of Sciences: Explore The Academy From Home

Explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey Bay Aquarium

Smithsonian: Explore the US National Zoo & the Smithsonian

Virtual Trip to Paris France to explore the Louvre

The British Museum-"The Museum of the World”

Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China…/great-wall-of-china

Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover.

San Diego Zoo

Virtual Tours of Yellowstone National Park…/lea…/photosmultimedia/virtualtours.htm

FarmFood 360- 11 Virtual Farm Tours (cows, pigs, apples, eggs & more)

Google Arts & Culture: Explore Virtual Museums

Take a virtual tour of the some of the world's greatest museums and heritage sites

Redwood City Park & Rec. Launches “Keep Busy Redwood City” Website

Redwood City Library Downloadable e-Books Magazines & Films

Redwood City Library New Video Series “Story Time & Play”

Educational Resources for Kids

Online History Classes (preteen-adults)

Nature: Backyard Fun-Butterfly Gardening in The San Francisco Bay Area

Link: Creating A Butterfly Garden in SF Bay Area &

Digital Archive of History

Free Online Classes-Universities & Companies

Open Culture: All Ages: FREE Cultural & Educational Media on the Web

Mental Health Resources

San Mateo County Mental Health Services

NAMI COVID-19 Information & Resource Guide

Center for Disease Control: COVID-19-Dealing Daily Stress & Anxiety

NASP: Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting From COVID-19

American Medical Association: Managing Mental Health During COVID-19

American Psychological Association-COVID-19 Response

World Health Organization: Mental Health Considerations During COVID-19

National Council For Behavioral Health-Coping With COVID-19

San Francisco Chronicle Article: Mental Health What You Should Know

COVID-19: Information & Resource Directory

San Mateo County COVID-19 Public Call Center

Call 211 For non-emergency, non-medical questions open 24/7

Local Hospitals Medical Emergencies: Call 911

Call before arriving for instructions


Sequoia Hospital:


San Mateo County

San Mateo County Questions re: “Shelter At Home” Order

San Mateo County Extends “Shelter at Home” Order Until May 3, 2020

“Shelter At Home” Frequently Asked Questions

Redwood City/Bay Area School Closures Extended Through May 1, 2020

San Mateo County Health Department

San Mateo County

San Mateo County: Offices and Services during Pandemic

Fair Oaks Community Center

Redwood City Veterans Memorial Senior Center (650) 780-7270

Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County

City of Redwood City: Information & Service Hours

Redwood City-Mayor Howard’s Community Address

City of Redwood City COVID-19 Links www.redwoodcity.orgcoronavirus-covid-19

Public Transportation


Sam Trans:


Local Airports

SFO San Francisco International Airport:

SJC Mineta International Airport

Oakland International Airport:

Sonoma County Airport Charles Shultz

State of California

State of California Public Health Updates

California Statewide “Stay at Home Order”

State of California DMV

US Government Response to Corona Virus

Federal Government: Centers of Disease Control

Stimulus Payment Calculator

The link below can help you calculate the amount of your Stimulus Payment.

California State Parks: State Park & Beach Parking Lots Close

San Mateo County Closes All Parks Effective 3/28/2020

Congressional Representatives

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Nextdoor: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Financial Help-Resources & Volunteer/Donor Information

What is being to help you and your family during this pandemic?

County of San Mateo: Emergency Safety Net Assistance - Core Service Agencies

COVID-19 Testing Verily FREE Risk Screening & Testing

Fair Oaks Community Center

San Mateo County Strong

Call 211 or go to

State of California Unemployment & Disability Benefits

San Mateo County Temporary Moratorium on COVID-19 Related Evictions

Redwood City School District- FREE Weekly Bag Lunches

Weekday mornings from 10-noon at Ford, Garfield, and Hoover Schools.

Redwood City Veterans Memorial Center: Senior Lunches Pick-Up/Delivery

For more information Call (650) 780-7270

Redwood City Boys & Girls Club: Evening “Pick up & Go Meals”

For more info Go to:

Second Harvest Food Bank

RCEF COVID-19 Family Relief Fund

Samaritan House

Life Moves Maple Street Shelter

Life Moves First Street For Families

Street Life Ministries

Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County: Rental Assistance

Donate Blood

Stanford Blood Bank-Menlo Park 445 Burgess Dr, Menlo Park

Red Cross

List of Redwood City Restaurants Open For Take Out Delivery or Both

Small Business Administration information:

State of California’s “Cal-Cap Program” information

SAMCEDA: Resources For Local Small Businesses

SAMCEDA San Mateo County: Small Business Survey: Impacts of COVID-19

Forbes List of 19 Programs To Help Small Businesses

Mental Health Resources

San Mateo County Mental Health Services

NAMI COVID-19 Information & Resource Guide

Center for Disease Control: COVID-19-Dealing Daily Stress & Anxiety

NASP: Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting From COVID-19

American Medical Asso