"Chris Rasmussen is a proven leader in our community.

His endless energy and passion will

serve Redwood City extremely well."

-Eric Olson

 San Mateo County ~ Redwood City Commissioners, Program Directors, 

Service Providers

Ralph Garcia

Chair RWC Port Commission

Matthew Greenberg

RWC Parks & Recreation 

Pernille Gutschick  

Director BHRS Crisis Intervention

Michelle Heryford

HPSM & SMC Health Commission

Raymond Larios 

San Mateo County Dept  of Housing

Sailesh Mehra  

City Planner

Angela Piazza 

SMC Commission on Disabilities

RWC Housing & Human Concerns

Stasha Powell

RWC Housing & Human Concerns

One Redwood City


Matty Shirer  

Downtown Streets Team

Stacey White  

Homeless Outreach Coordinator


"Chris is a leader whose intentions I trust.  I was his son's First Grade teacher.  I was inspired by Chris and Johanna's integrity. They went above and beyond to help school families who were struggling, guided me to local counseling resources when I needed them, and volunteered in the classroom whenever possible.  I am confident Chris will be as reliable and kind on the City Council."

-Shauna Hussey


Hon. Chris Bohl 

Former President-Trustee RCSD 

Josh Griffith  

RCSD Principal Retired

Jeanne Stalker-Canada College 

Program Supervisor  

President Classified Senate/CSEA 

Roxanne Dragan Principal

Arman Medina  Professor SJSU

Liz Chun  Educator

Rachel Gordon  Educator

Bertha Sanchez-Espino IA

Jessica Hernandez Educator

Seana Hussey  Educator

Mia Manamea SPED-IA

Maricella Medina Registrar SUHSD

Merrily Robinson Educator Ret.

Jenna Rogers Educator

Chris Scerri  Educator

Dave Spence  Educator

"Chris cares deeply about his community, but what's more, he delivers on what he says he is going to do.  He was the driving force for bringing the Downtown Streets Team- a unique solution to homelessness- to Redwood City."

-Chris Richardson 

Downtown Streets Team


Carpenters Union Local 217

LiUNA! Laborers Local 261

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 38

Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 467

Glen Chun I.U.E.C.  Local 8

Jim Gordon UA Local 467

Martin Grimsrud UA Local 38

Steve Heryford, Sr.  UA Local 38

Steve Heryford, Jr.  UA Local 38

Kara M. Heryford SEIU-UHW
Al Hoffer  UA Local 38

Harry Hoffer  UA Local 38

Larry Mazzola, Jr. UA Local 38

Mike McGinn I.U.E.C. Local 8

Cynthia Mitchell SEIU-521

David Orozco  UA Local 38 

Rob Rogers Carpenters Local 22

Taylor Rogers Carpenters Local 22 

Greg Sonstegard  UA Local 467

Dmitry Stinerman  UA Local 38

"Chris was my neighbor while I was growing up in

Redwood City.  He's a good man, with a good family.  Most importantly, he's a real person.  We need real people representing us on the City Council." 

-Stephen Frederick

Public Safety

Paul Nichols  District Attorney Ret.

Jaime Draper  D.A. Investigator 

Glendon Chen  Firefighter

Chris Cottle  Firefighter

Larry Huber  Firefighter

Al Elzey  Lt. Sheriff Dept

Tom Taylor  SFPD Inspector Ret.

Kathryn Anderson  Sergeant Ret.

Alan Bailey Sergeant Ret.

Doug Eckles  Sergeant Ret.

Victor Lopez  Deputy Sergeant

Mickey Manry  Sergeant Ret.

Eric Acha  RCPD Ret.

Vic Artiga  RCPD Ret.

Jesse Bets  RCPD Ret.

Maria Castillo  Probation

Rachael Chetcuti  SBPD Ret.

Calvin Chow  SFPD  Ret. 

Joshua Clark  RCPD Ret.

Todd Hurst  RCPD Ret.

Dan Schillaci  RCPD Ret.

Daniel Sharp  RCPD  Ret.

Rob Stevenson  Police Officer Ret.

Lester Vega  Police Officer

Stan Williams  SFPD  Ret. 

Chris Winn  RCPD Ret.

Ty Winston  Probation


"Chris' dedication and service to our community go way

beyond the call of duty for any one person. Chris has always put the interests of our community first. He will continue to do so as a member of the City Council. "

-Lynn Gardner

Business Owners

Hafez Adle  

Redwood City Martial Arts


Rachelle Velasquez-Analla

Rouge The Salon On Main

Alpio Barbara  

Redwood General Tires

Eric Barrett  

Barrett Insurance

Rian Carrol  

Rhino's Hauling

Ralph Garcia  

Ralph's Vacuum & Sewing 

John Ghera  

Existence Thru Art, Inc.

Steve Giorgi  

Giorgi Bros Furniture

Chris & Celine Goudy 

Goudy's French Cuisine

Brian Moscini  

Mountain Mike's Pizza

Angela Martinucci Rogan

Stuff on the Square

Lauri Stevens  

Laws Communications

Patty Tulloch

Double Shot Creative


"Chris is a genuinely decent, honest, and intelligent person.  The community will be very fortunate to have him represent them.  I wholeheartedly support Chris!"

-Lauri Stevens

LAWS Communication

Neighborhood Leaders

Johanna Rasmussen

Chairwoman Farm Hill 

Samie Goodman-Grossman

Chairwoman Woodside Plaza 

Christina Umhofer

Chairwoman Edgewood Park 

Community Members

William Alexander

Kevin Albrecht

Peggy Alford

Aneesh Bakshi 

Eric Barrett

Claudia Barrett

Krissy Bassett

Cherell Bassett

Barbara Bocca

Dorie Bonal

Alice Bollard

Nikki Boyle

Barbara Britschgi

Jennifer Cara

Jennifer & Rian Carroll

Debbie & Gary Castelli

Shirley Castelli 

Omar & Maria Castillo

Craig & Debbie Cates

Rachael Chetcuti

Brenda Cirina

Vicky Constantini

Margarita Cuevas

Elaine & Christian DeLaCruz

Tiffany DiMarco

Hal Draeger

Jim Dudley

Ken & Linda Dulaney

Nancy Ehat

Rob Eno

Homero Espino

Steven & Cerena Faggiolly

Damien & Angelin Fairbairn

Christian & Julia Fex

Fogarty Family

Ray & Kit Fragulia

Todd Freeman

Michael Fresquez

Lynn Gardner

Steve & Serena Giorgi

Ellen Gomes

Alberto Gonzalez

Kim & Jim Gordon

Ed & Julie Gory

Christophe & Celine Goudy

Carole Greenberg

Todd & Yvonne Gumbrecht

Ashley Gunther

Sean Harper

Kathy Harris

Craig Herro

Michelle & Al Hoffer

Marisa & Larry Huber

Billy James

Jonathan & Shawn Jarolimek

​Kim Johnson-Ogletree

Kris Johnson

Mike Jones

Arsen Ari Kalfayan

Beth & Vincent Keelan

Joanie Kilroe

Regina Kipp

Dr. David Kwiatkowski

Dr. Mercedes Kwiatkowski

Carol & Carl Landers

Sue Lopez

Valerie Lui

Diego Maciel

Mia Manamea

Julia Gonzales-Manton

Nikki & Mike McGinn

Shane & Chandra McLaughlin

Maricela & Javo Medina

Valerie Milburn

Bonnie Miller

Cynthia Mitchell

Judy Moore

Walter & Katy Morton

Tyler & Kristen Needman

Erin Neimeyer

Victoria O’Brien

Eric Olsen

Julie Pardini

Dave Peck 

Sue Pellizzer

Dr. Patrick & Rebecca Pezeshkian

Brady Piercey

David & Shawna Pillado

Silvino & Brenda Pineda

Loni Pini

Elliott Powell

Shiraz Qadri

Mark Quinteros

Andrew Radin

Joanna Ramies

Cathy Recht

Merrily Robinson

Jeff & Stephanie Schoenstein  

Mary & Bill Shorr

Mari & Greg Sonstegard

Mesha Spivey

Diane Stow

Nikki & Matt Sullivan

Ruth & Chuck Swanson

Terry R. Thom

Stephanie & Kevin Thorpe

Clare Thorpe

Hubert & Heather Torres

Andrea Torres

Barbara Valley

Michael & Alicia Viviani

Jami Wedel

Susie Welty

Jeri Williams

Wright Family

COVID-19 Social Distance Meetings

Due to COVID-19, Chris is scheduling visits with residents of District 7. If you would like to meet Chris, learn more about his positions, and discuss the issues that matter most to you, please contact him to arrange a time for him to come knock on your door.

Rasmussen Family
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Chris Rasmussen

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