District Elections

The City of Redwood City has
changed the way City 
Councilmembers are elected.
Previously, all 7 Councilmembers
were elected at-large and all
 Redwood City voters had the
opportunity to vote for all 7
seats on City Council 
Under the new district election
system Council Members will be
elected by District. Council
Members are required to live in  
the district they represent and are
elected by the voters of that District.
This November, residents of 
Districts 1, 3, 4, &  7 
will cast ballots to elect a
Council Member. 
​Chris Rasmussen
is a resident of  District 7.

Not sure which district you reside in?

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COVID-19 Social Distance Meetings

Due to COVID-19, Chris is scheduling visits with residents of District 7. If you would like to meet Chris, learn more about his positions, and discuss the issues that matter most to you, please contact him to arrange a time for him to come knock on your door.

Rasmussen Family
Evan & Dad

Chris Rasmussen

P.O. Box 3364 
Redwood City, Ca. 94064


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